Increasing work speed of internal design team by 30%

At Bonanza I've created design system, that allowed to created onboarding flows in a fraction of time. *Designs were anonmyzed because of the NDA

👨‍💻 Design system lead

📚 Design system development

📊 Saas application

❌ Problem

Long onboarding process required to design over 100+ different screens

Because of the complexity of the product, we needed to create the entire flow with all screens using hi-fi design, for developers to get some reference and structurized the flow.

✅ Solution

Fully customizable onboarding template screen, that increased design speed by 30%

To help my design team, I've created design system from scratch. This allowed to speed up entire process, and allowed non-design people to create screens by themselves. I've created it based on atomic design fundamentals.

Challenges 🚀 & Process 💡

Understand the requirements

As my job wasn't visible directly, and I basically was creating product for internal team, it was pretty hard to communicate to client, why it's important

I've started the process by talking to a designer, that was in the project from beginning. Once I understood the concept and challenge, I started building the template, by reffering to first wireframe designs. I followed the atomic design fundamentals. As a result creating the entire system, was much faster, and transitioning to hi-fi was seamless